Reverse engineering the Zotero Client – Internal structure

All the logic for the Zotero client (both Windows and Mac) is in the repository If you want to build Zotero on your machine from source code, you should also download the build and standalone build as described in the Zotero documentation for contributors. The Zotero client uses: JavaScript compiled with npm for the actions Mozilla XML User Interface Language (XUL) for the user interface The user interface, languages and styles are in the zotero/chrome folder. [Read More]

The Joomla Authentication explained

For a project I am working on, I am playing with Joomla’s authentication and user management. As expected, the mechanism is quite complex, both to understand and to modify. First, a little explanation of what authentication is. We are all familiar with the username+password The whole mechanism is composed of a persistent state (authenticated/not authenticated), and a function to switch from one state to the other (from not authenticated to authenticated, and vice versa). [Read More]