The “do { } while (condition) { }” construct in PHP

PHP has two “while” constructs, one if the code needs to run before the condition is checked:

and the other if if the code needs to run after the condition is checked:

But sometimes a portion of code needs to be executed before the condition is checked, and another portion after the condition is checked. Here is an example directly from the php ducomentation:

This is an easy problem that can be solved with an assignment in condition, it generates a warning but it does not break the code. Yet many times the operation to be performed before and after the condition check are more complicated and cannot be written in a single line (at least, not a single readable line).

IMHO Php lacks a “do { /*code*/ } while(condition) { /* code */ }” construct:

I opened an improvement request , feel free to share your ideas.


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